June 25, 2010


I realized I never recapped Sean's thank you cake--oops! So, earlier in the week, wedding cupcake week that is, I had decided that I would try to make a two-layered, fondant-covered cake. I kind of just wanted to see whether or not I could do it sans a cake decorating cake. I took on the challenge on a Monday night simply because my parents usually have dance class on Mondays (ballroom dance) and it's best to bake with an empty kitchen.

So I began by baking the cake...a strawberry and toasted coconut cake baked in two 6" round cake tins. I let the layers cool and then evened out the top with a knife. I tasted the discarded pieces to make sure the cake was good. Thumbs up!

Between the two layers of cake was a layer of organic strawberry preserves and then a layer of vanilla bean coconut rum buttercream on top of that. Mmmm. I then placed the second cake round on top and crumb-coated the cake with buttercream. I then stuck the whole thing in the freezer to solidify a little bit. (I read that tip in a cake decorating book.)

At this point it was kind of late and I had to work the next day so my cake wasn't covered in fondant until 48 hours later. Yep, that's right...I left it alone for two days in my cake stand. Cake neglect, how shameful! Wednesday was pretty much the only day I had available to cover my cake in fondant and I only had a 90-minute window after work. It kind of resulted in disaster. I was rushing and stressed out and though you can't see it from the photos, there's a minor disaster in the back.

I finished decorating the cake and completed the little dino detail almost a full week after the cake was made. Phew, it's a good thing the cake still tasted fresh when Sean and I ate it. To make the dino, I loosely followed the instructions from A Baked Creation.

The star of the cake (check out his scary teeth!):Flower piping around the cake:Ruffly border to keep the dino from falling off the edge:Aerial view:Sean let me cut the cake:Here we go:The first slice (it's always a little ugly):
Sean's prettier slice:It looks like Pac-Man:A look inside:Dino guarding his cake:
Look for more cakes in the future...maybe. I have to find more people willing to eat more cake!

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