June 13, 2010


Here's a sneak peek at what I've been up to for the past week. Two of 100 cupcakes for a wedding:

And a thank you to Sean for helping me out with the 100 wedding cupcakes:

I'll be back with a full recap later.


RudePrincess said...

That dinosaur on top of that cake is incredible! I love it. Sean would have totally loved the Walking with Dinosaurs show.

What kind of a cake was it? Is the icing part hard? Looks far crazier than anything I've tried...

Dominique said...

I'm not gonna lie, covering the cake in fondant was a disaster--the part in the back that you can't see. I was also having a really bad, rushed day so I just wanted to get the damn thing covered and over with. Colouring the fondant was a bitch! Then I came back to it a few days later to finish it off and make the little dino. He is cute. I told Sean that he had to keep him, hahaha.

The cake is the same strawberry and toasted coconut with a thin layer of strawberry preserves and vanilla bean coconut rum buttercream in the center. It was delicious! I still have some. I gave half to Sean.