September 8, 2009


I have an off-and-on love with my Magic Bullet. Ever since getting the Breville, the MB has taken a backseat to juicing and blending and sits on the kitchen counter, overshadowed by the Breville.

After hearing so much about this banana soft serve I decided to try it out for myself today. Verdict: pretty damn good. I added some chocolate syrup (agave nectar and cocoa powder) and raw cacao nibs for crunch. The nibs were a hit...obviously since I love anything crunchy but next time, I'll pass on the syrup. It made everything a little too crazy-sweet. Here's one bowl of delicious:I'm not even a fan of bananas but this was great. I'd say right on par with frozen grapes which taste just like sorbet to me. right back...


Holy-freaking-wow! That's all I have to say. That and grapes will be stocked in my freezer from now on.Look at the colour on that thing! It's amazing!!And delicious. Whoever decided to freeze grapes was a genius.

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