September 15, 2009


Today's bento featured mini pasta casseroles that I made last night. They contained elbow macaroni, mushrooms, spinach, organic pork maple sausage (that I squeezed out of the casing) and milk, eggs and cheese to hold everything together. I cooked everything and mixed it all together and then poured the mixture into individually greased muffin tins. I then baked the tray at 350F for 20 minutes and everything was golden brown. Under the pasta casseroles are stir-fried pea shoots that look like this:They remind me of little trees.

Today I made the Coconut Chai Shake from Soap & Chocolate. Voila...Unfortunately I had no cardamom on hand and I don't think I really like cinnamon so the glass it's sitting in is only 3/4 empty. My dad ended up helping me to open the coconut because I felt too weak. I had to get a bunch of blood drawn earlier in the day and because of the fasting from the night before, I went too long without food and ended up feeling really sick. The drink was a good pick-me-up after coming home early from work but I think next time I'll use my coconut water and meat for something else.

And here was my breakfast and lunch from about a week ago. Breakfast started off with peaches and Liberte Six Grains strawberry yogurt.
Along with that we have scrambled eggs and a two CheeseHeads (like CheeseStrings).Lunch that day consisted of the following:
Bulgur wheat salad (bulgur, celery, green onions, chopped pecans), more scrambled eggs (protein!), plums from the garden and a peach. Very tasty!

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