September 16, 2009


Do you ever just crave a salad? And is that craving so strong that you'll eat any salad, even one from Subway when it probably costs a ridiculous amount of money for some chopped lettuce and "toppings?" Well that was me yesterday and it pretty much sucked because even though that salad hit the spot, I knew I could have made the exact same thing for less than what I paid for it.

So today I had a chopped lettuce with cucumbers and corn. It looked similar to this:
except that mine was in a giant plastic container and contained more of everything.

Along with that I brought a separate container that housed my dad's beet salad, another mini pasta casserole, homemade blueberry jello and some mini carrots. Yes, that's right...homemade blueberry jello. I combined gelatin powder with blueberry juice and it all came together extremely quickly! Here it is setting in the fridge:Yeah, that's right...they're setting in ice cube molds in the shape of pineapples! I also used some silicone baking cups. They weren't really easy to remove from the molds (I didn't spray any of them with Pam, which I probably should have), so I just brought the whole thing along. They're actually quite tasty though next time I'll probably add some agave nectar or honey or maybe some chopped up fruit.

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