February 5, 2011


1. Obsessed with Sleigh Bells' Treats album. If you haven't heard it, you absolutely have it. It's listed under alternative in iTunes but considered "noise pop" by some critics. Whatevs, it's awesome. Must be listened to at maximum volume. MUST.

2. Obsessed with earl grey tea. The stronger the bergamot, the better. I can't believe I used to hate earl grey. I wouldn't drink it even if someone else made it/offered it to me. Now I just can't get enough. I'm in the middle of making my own lavender earl grey. I hope it works.

3. Wishing for my hair to grow out faster so that I can get some blunt bangs cut in. I miss my bangs from the summer of 2007, despite having several customers (back in my part-time retail days) think I was in high school. I was a year out of university by then, yeesh!4. Wanting to cut my own bangs but stopping myself just short of doing so.

5. Wishing it was warmer in my bedroom. The space heater has been on full blast for the past five and a half hours and the thermometer only reads 14C. Sacre bleu!

6. Anticipating Winterlicious 2011. Already went to Frank at the AGO and Trevor Kitchen and Bar is this Wednesday with Jessie and Sean. (The Midsummer Night's Dream cocktail at Frank is to-die-for and addictive. I could have had a liquid lunch with those.)

8. Obsessing over scone recipes from Alice's Tea Cup. The amount of times I've made scones from the cookbook should probably be embarrassing but I'm going to admit it anyway: 8. Not including the 2 that Sean and Jessie made a few Tuesdays ago when I was attempting gluten-free lavender earl grey scones. So far I've made the Turtle scones, Mixed Berry scones, Lavender Earl Grey scones x (once gluten-free) and two variations: blueberry banana and blueberry peach. I should probably be somewhat ashamed since this has all happened in less than two weeks but I'm not. These scones are perfection:
9. Trying to figure out how to access the photos from my memory card. My laptop refuses to read my memory card at the moment. They're incompatible. It is making me frustrated.

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