December 3, 2010


I spend most of my day logging samples for microbiological and chemical testing--sometimes, but rarely for quality control (there's someone else for that). The majority of the samples we receive are food-related though there are the occasional pharmaceutical samples.

Most of the time I find it faster and easier to log by samples by grabbing a whole slew of sample request sheets, logging them all at once and then stickering the samples and sending them down to the micro or chem lab.

One day we received samples for milk chocolate chips. I had to log them for a nutritional analysis--you know, the label you see on back of a package, that's what my company is responsible for. Anyway, I logged them under the "snacks" category because obviously they were milk chocolate-covered potato chips. Right, right?

Not so much.

They were actually milk chocolate chips...the ones you find in milk chocolate chip cookies. Duh! I had to cancel the sample I logged and re-log the sample under the correct category--clearly not "snacks" though some would consume them as snacks. I don't know what the hell I was thinking but I found it hysterical and I knew it would only be funny to me, Sean and my foodie friends. I knew that no one at work would have any idea what I was talking about--and think I was totally crazy.

Anyway, that's the funny story of the month. Actually, last month since I totally missed out on November. Now I'm off to have a taste of Asher's Milk Chocolate Smothered Potato Chips. I'll report back when I can.

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