February 10, 2011


Jessie, Sean and I had reservations last night at Trevor Kitchen and Bar during Winterlicious. Your town must have something similar, a week or two when restaurants in the city offer a prix fixe menu of their tastiest selections. Toronto has a Summerlicious and a Winterlicious.
Earlier in the month Sean and I had had brunch at Frank Restaurant (at the AGO). I didn't take any photos that day because I had an appointment with a neurologist later that day and was more concerned with my daily migraines than carrying around a camera (ie: I forgot to bring a camera). To start, Sean had the tamarind glazed beef brochette with coconut chilli chutney while I had the gingered beet and carrot soup with (crisp) heirloom carrot ribbons. Bread, butter and rock salt was a plenty. Sean's appetizer was the winner. Sean's main was the grilled cheese with spiced apple-cranberry chutney on raisin egg bread, along with fries and lemon mayonnaise while mine was the lamb meat loaf with garlic mashed potatoes and sauteed rapini. Again, I deemed Sean the winner. Dessert was our last option and I opted for the chai-spiced rice pudding brulee (along with a couple of pistachio biscotti) while Sean had an apple berry crumble (or something like that). I was finally a winner! But the best part of my meal wasn't just the dessert because I had the most fabulous cocktail: the Midsummer Night's Dream, a cocktail consisting of a mint gin and honey lavender lemonade concoction. It isn't listed on the Frank menu and I'm pretty sure it's a special in collaboration with their Maharaja exhibit, but it was amazing. All my favourite flavours in one cocktail and they complimented each other so well. Immediately after having a sip, I told Sean that we could come back any time and just have a "liquid lunch."

But of course, back to Trevor Kitchen and Bar. First off, the atmosphere is really nice. It wasn't too dark or loud and for a Wednesday night, albeit during Winterlicious, it was busy! The three of us arrived terribly early (traffic was light) but we didn't have to wait long before we were seated. Like! I started the night off with a cocktail (of course!) and Sean decided to have a couple wines with his plates. The menu options at TK&B were quite extensive. Typically most restaurants offer three options for each course (appetizer, entree and dessert) but Trevor gave us a plethora of options. I had a hard time choosing:

Appetizer photo fail:Entree:Dessert:
For our appetizers Jessie ordered the mac & cheese while Sean ordered the corned beef tongue reuben, which was like a deconstructed reuben. I ordered the sea diver scallop and pork belly. It was a toss up between Sean and I. I equally liked his appetizer as well as mine. I don't have any photos because my camera decided to be fussy. I will ask Jessie for hers and upload them here eventually.

For our mains, I chose the cavatelli in parsnip and sage cream with wild mushrooms (also came with spinach and grape tomatoes): I was going to get the pork shank but this is where to number of options was too overwhelming and I just chose the first thing I remembered when our waitress came back to our table. I should have asked for the pork shank but I was still happy with my meal. It was a huge portion. Actually, all of our portions were huge.
Sean chose the port braised beef cheeks with sunchoke risotto and horseradish cream:
And Jessie chose the cripsy chicken confit with cheddar pierogi, sweet potato and buttermilk gravy:Everyone's main looked ridiculous good. Sean's was ridiculously delicious. He used our remaining bread to wipe his plate clean. I had a good laugh but that bread was to die for; there's really nothing better than fresh bread and salted butter. Or butter and rock salt. Mmm...rock salt.

Photos of us...
Jessie's sad because her boyfriend was too far away to make it for dinner:Sean and I attempt to take a proper photo:

Jessie picture-taking fail:Fourth attempt = good enough:For dessert I chose the classic creme brulee, which came with 3 small cookies on the side (chocolate, peanut butter and chocolate chunk):While Jessie and Sean both chose the cookies and cream tiramisu:
Everything at TK&B was great. The service was attentive and informative. The food was delicious and the plates were more than generous (I couldn't finish my main) and really, who doesn't love cotton candy when their bill arrives!? Granted, a lot of diners didn't finish their cotton candy so I gave them evil stares as they walked out the restaurant. I implore you to check out their menu and drop by for some fabulous eats. Oh, my only gripe with the restaurant is that their washrooms are freezing (!!!) and they need to fix their washroom doors. I almost got stuck in two separate "stalls" twice. Thank goodness Jessie was there to kick the door in for me to get out.


RudePrincess said...

Mmmm Cotton Candy! I might say that was the best part but all three of my courses were to die for. I was a big fan of this meal as well.

Your photos turned out far better than mine. Maybe you don't really need a new camera and you should put your funds into getting ME a new camera (even though I got mine just over a year ago at Christmas)!

The washrooms. Oh dear god, I for got how cold those were. No desire to take down my pants, that's for sure! Too bad we aren't men... I wonder how long you would have been stuck in those tiny stalls if I wasn't there?! haha

Dominique said...

Well I ended up using flash despite not really wanting to so maybe that's why my photos are better?

I probably would have been stuck there forever since I didn't have my cell with me and wouldn't have been able to call for help. Maybe some old lady would have eventually come in and helped me out though. One would hope.