March 20, 2009


Yesterday was a day of snacks. It probably explains why today I am feeling kind of blue in the stomach region but nevertheless, it was kind of worth it. It almost always is. There are just days when you want to stuff your face with everything and anything that is within reach.

This Clif bar is still around. And it's actually not yet made its appearance in my stomach. I'm kind of scared to eat it frankly. After having tried Vega's Whole Food Energy Bar, I was a little bit reluctant to try another natural energy bar. I have to say that the Vega bar wasn't totally horrible, it's just that I got the Natural option and while it was okay, it became a little bit too much like "mush" in my mouth. I did manage to eat half of it though so that's a good thing. I suppose the Clif bar can't be that bad...I mean, there have been a lot of excellent reviews of it but I don't have the White Chocolate Macadamia version, which I've been hearing so much about. Actually, I've never even seen that version seeing as how the grocery stores in my area seem to not care about health. I bet they'll start caring in 50 years when they're all sitting in hospital beds living on breathing tubes.

Anyhoo, perhaps now I am a mind-reader because earlier this week I was at the Sahale Snacks website pondering where I could get these fabulous goodies and wouldn't you know it, they appeared at a store near me a few days later. The store only carries one flavour, Valdosta, but I snatched them up anyway, despite not having a grand fondness for pecans. Actually, I'm not a huge fan of nuts in general but I figure that since a lot of my own cooking does not include meat, I figure I sure try to add some more protein with nuts in the mix. The nuts are great even though I don't like cranberries either. I'm a huge fan of the sweet and salty combo and I'm glad I can properly read all the ingredients listed on the back. I was initially a tad hesitant only because dried cranberries are usually mega sweet but these have just the right amount of sweetness. It's actually enough to satisfy a sugar craving if I eat a few. And I love getting a pecan with a hit of black pepper. Yummy! Who would have thought nuts could be so delicious!? Even the boyfriend liked them and he is really not into trying my "weird" health food.

Figuring that the day needed a little more refined sugar (ugh, what was I thinking?) I decided to scarf down a few of these nuggets of white, sugary goodness:Only after eating my third one (c'mon, they're mini) did I bother to look at the nutritional listing at the bottom of the packaging and woo boy, was I in for a surprise. 3 cupcakes is 320 calories, holy crap! And there's cholesterol and trans fat in these babies! Sadly I have to admit that I managed to eat all those cupcakes in about 3 days. Sigh. This just means I need to get back to exercising. And perhaps that means I should start now. Adios!

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