March 11, 2009


Many of my friends and co-workers already know that I'm obsessed with food and cooking and I finally thought it was a good a time as any to start a food blog. So here it is. Simple, for now.

I'll write reviews about my favourite foods, recipes I've tried, cookies and cupcakes I've baked and more. It'll mostly be for myself...a recipe book with notes, if you will; but perhaps a few of you will enjoy reading about my experiences with food as well.

And because I'm obsessed with taking photos of my food, there be lots on here so get ready to enjoy!

Oh and the title...well, it pretty much explains itself because I'm hungry almost all the time. Seriously, there was actually a time when others (*ahemSeanahem*) would have to finish my food for me but those days are long gone. I don't even know what happened but nowadays I could take you on in a food challenge, except that I'd decline only because I'm more likely to throw up in some random parking lot hours later. For the curious, it's happened twice already.

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