March 17, 2009


Happy St. Patrick's Day to all those celebrating. I'm not Irish--not even a tad--but I do love me some green. I tried to make today's bento Irish-themed and I came close with leftovers Bangers and Mash as well as a two-egg omelet with all green things (spinach, mixed salad greens and dill). I accidentally over-salted the omelet so it was pretty much inedible but I did take a few bites just to make sure the Omega-3 eggs weren't a total waste. There's also some mango and red grapes and mini carrots to round things out. There's also some lactose-free plain yogurt with some pretend homemade granola. Here's a photo of the finished product and I don't know why it's vertical instead of horizontal. You should ask blogger's Image Upload software.

Tonight's culinary adventure begins with everyone's favourite, the potato! After having watched too many episodes of Everyday Italian to even count, I decided to go ahead and make another one of Giada's recipes, beet and sweet potato chips with rosemary, garlic and sea salt. My substitutions though: no beets or sweet potatoes meant we were going to have to go with regular white potatoes and I omitted the garlic.

I used my brand spankin' new mandoline to slice the potatoes and hey, why not add a finger too! So I sliced a bit of the skin on the knuckle of my ring-finger, on the right hand in case you were wondering. Good times did not ensue, as I then had to "salvage" the skin to make sure it didn't rip right off, rinse it and then place a band-aid over it. Ugh, the lengths I go through for food.

Anyhoo, I then made sure that my potato slices were still all clean and then began frying them in small batches. Anyone who knows me knows that frying and I are not friends but the whole ordeal wasn't too bad, minus the bleeding. After the chips were taken out of the small pot of oil, I sprinkled them with the rosemary and sea salt mixture. Alas, after all that, I forgot to take a pic of them but heck, they were tasty!

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