May 28, 2011


I got me a new toy and it's pretty darn fantastic. If you follow me on Twitter you'll know that my enthusiasm for my new toy started a couple of weeks ago. I had a random photo shoot to do and it was the perfect opportunity for me to use my dad's Nikon D7000. I had a week to figure it all out (the manual is thick and thorough) and when the day came, I was a little nervous. Everything turned out great though--especially this random shot of Sean. If you enlarge this photo you'll see the little fibers along the edges of his sweater. It was a complete out-of-the-blue shot and is probably one of my faves using the D7000. It's incredible, absolutely incredible and I never thought I'd say that about a digital SLR.

I've always been a hardcore fan of film photography, even being reluctant to switch to digital during my last couple of years of photography study, but this camera has me thinking otherwise. Since then I've taken a bunch of random photos and the best part? My dad hasn't asked for his camera back. SCORE!

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