May 21, 2011


It took me a while to settle on my third brownie recipe. I wasn't content to "give it a go" with just any brownie recipe so I let Google do the work for me. I wanted a brownie that reminded me of my childhood. I wanted a brownie that tasted like the one you make from a box; with that perfect crusty top (and edges) but chewy and fudgy in the center and dotted with walnuts. After an hour or two of deliberation, I finally decided to give Brown Eyed Baker a chance. Titled "Chewy Brownies" with a recipe from Cook's Illustrated (the publication of America's Test Kitchen), how could I go wrong?

I immediately dove into brownie-making mode. I started with the chocolate and was then halfway through step #2 when I realized we only had three eggs in the house when the recipe called for four (two whole eggs and two yolks). With only three eggs, what was I to do? I wasn't about to go and ask the neighbours (I haven't spoken to one side in oh, a decade and the other side I've never spoken to since they moved in). It's not that I'm not friendly, I'm just usually rushing to work or rushing into the house when I see them. I decided to hope for the best and go ahead with my version using two whole eggs and one egg yolk. I was a little bit apprehensive; was this going to ruin the chewy, "from a box-mix" texture I had been searching for?

I motored along and after 30 minutes, my brownies were done. A toothpick had yielded moist crumbs and now it was time to wait. Hmph. Time to wait? I wanted my chewy brownies now!

I think eating 5 squares in a day is proof enough that they're amazing. Still not convinced? Check out this photo:A crusty, crackled top reveals the most chewiest, fudgiest, walnut-filled brownies I have had since the box mix kind. I suggest cutting the 9x13" rectangle into 24 squares so you can ration your brownies but since I had five the first day, these brownies aren't going to last very long.The addition of chopped walnuts was a superb addition on my part. It's fudgy and chewy and crunchy when you get a bite of those nuts. I'll leave you with this one photo and if that doesn't convince you to make these brownies, you must be blind.

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