June 28, 2011


I've known her since grade 5. She became my best friend and partner-in-crime when it came to big summer music festivals. We grew apart in the latter years of high school and university, but Facebook brought us back together. We became baking buddies, later allowing Sean to join our baking club. I can't believe I've known her since I was 10.
I wanted to make something super fantastic for Jessie's birthday. I thought about cupcakes but then remembered a cake I had seen online a few weeks ago. Immediately I knew it would be epic enough for Jessie's golden (or champagne) birthday. I debated whether I should turn the cake into cupcakes since a) they're easier to transport and make (in theory anyway). The cake itself would be a surprise since Jessie had no idea I was baking for her birthday. Here's the unveiling:

My favourite layer and therefore my favourite layer, green:And here's the inside of the rainbow cake:Happy birthday Jessie. I hope your golden (or champagne) birthday is your best ever!

PS: I hope you liked your rainbow cake; the only rainbow cake I will ever make. I wouldn't even make another one for Sean--unless he asked REALLY nicely.


RudePrincess said...

THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!! It was actually one of the best cakes I have ever made and therefore will try and make one myself one day. Maybe I will have to make it for Sean's birthday since you will not be doing it for him. Hope your family enjoyed all the leftovers! I can't believe how much there was left! Such a tall ass and delicious cake!

Dominique said...

It's not that difficult to make except that I was up until 1:30am putting it together. Had I properly time-managed myself, it would have been done faster. Oh well! I'm glad you liked it. It's still delicious even today so I made Sean bring it to work to feed his co-workers. I can't have that cake around any longer, it's too dangerous.