June 22, 2009


I ran out of buckwheat cereal sometime last week and ever since then, my stomach has not been a happy camper. My tastebuds either as they really liked the combo of toasted buckwheat (kasha), almond butter, agave nectar, organic milk or yogurt and whatever fruits tickled my fancy that morning.

I decided to try out another Eat-Clean recipe, this time, the Quinoa with Oats. It's basically soaked quinoa and steel-cut oats simmered for 30 minutes with cinnamon, vanilla and raisins added in afterwards. Since I wasn't smart enough to read the instructions beforehand, I skipped the quinoa since I hadn't pre-soaked them for 2 hours and also cut the recipe in half.

I have been reading lots on the benefits of steel-cut oats and seeing as how I don't really like normal oatmeal, I thought I would give this nuttier, chewier version a try. I was hoping this would satisfy me enough in the next few days to gather enough energy to make more buckwheat cereal. And mind you, it's not that it really takes a long time to make buckwheat cereal, it's just that "babysitting" buckwheat in an oven for a little over an hour isn't my idea of a good time.

Here's the steel-cut oats after 30 minutes of cooking and a little organic skim milk added to the mix:And here's my cupcake pixie cup of deliciousness:Mine actually contains agave nectar, raisins, cut canned peach slices and a dribble (or two) of heavy cream.

To tell you the truth, it's actually not that delicious. I can't get past the texture. It's actually a little bit too chewy for my tastes and I would rather eat regular oatmeal. And now I have a whole pot full of this stuff. Oh well.

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