June 14, 2009


We have kittens in our backyard. My dad called me at work sometime last week to talk to me about something and then started calling out excitedly. After he calmed down, he explained to me that there were six kittens crawling around, just outside the patio door. I started getting excited too and then told him to go grab a camera and take pictures.

I patiently waited for the rest of my work shift to end in order to see photos of these six kittens but alas, my dad opened the patio door to get a good photo of them and they scurried away into our bushy backyard. (It's bushy because there's a plethora of plants growing along one side of a fence that's ideal for cats to give birth and raise their young.)

I decided to test my luck and went outside with my own camera and this is what I came back inside with:
And here are two that were just a little bit curious:And a couple of photos of one of my cats, Ogre.

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