June 20, 2009


Well, it buys you this:And that my friends, is a bag of goodies from Whole Foods. Pictured are ginger lime chicken strips, proscuitto, chicken cordon bleu, a box of Grape Nuts, a Kombucha jasmine tea and grape drink, lavender essential oil, orzo with feta salad along with a couple boxes of my newest addiction, organic water crackers. Crack(ers), it is.

Sean and I watched a special screening of The Iron Giant, downtown on Friday afternoon and from there we went to Whole Foods to grab some eats and then drive back to Markham's (or Unionville's, if you prefer) Toogood Pond, so we could enjoy the view and our eats. Wow, grammatically, that is the worst sentence ever.

My dinner consisted of a Kombucha drink (not going to be a repurchase), orzo and feta salad (with olives, baby spinach, onions and pine nuts), ginger lime chicken strips and oops, how'd that get there...an Oreo McFlurry. Sean's dinner consisted of a Harmony organic chocolate milk, medium fries, a double cheeseburger "like a Mac" and some provolone cheese.
This is what you get when you order fast food, a nasty French fry:Now I leave you with the happy couple:

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