September 19, 2010


My laptop is on the fritz--again! It's what I get for trying to stream Bethenny Getting Married. But I also blame the Apple for not letting me purchase the episode from their iTunes store because I'm not an American user.

I'm currently using my dad's laptop which just happens to have a French keyboard which means that nothing is where it's supposed to be. The letters are in their usual spots but the apostrophe, 'at' sign, quotation marks, slash and backslash and just about everything else are everywhere but where they should be. It's confusing. There's also an Alt+Car button which is what I have to use to access the @ sign. This is kind of chronicles except that I'm quickly getting used to it. It reminds me of the month Jessie and I spent in Europe (3 weeks in Geneva and one week in Paris).

Ah, Paris. Don't even get me started on Paris. I love that city. I have plans for Sean and I and that city. First I need to finish our trip to Montreal and our 9th anniversary celebration at kaiseki-Sakura.

Unfortunately all my photos are on my laptop and not on my dad's so I'm waiting for my brother, who just happens to do IT for law firms in TO for a living, to fix my laptop before I can post about all those wonderful things.

Until then, this photo-less post will have to do. But you can still find me on Twitter. Yep, I've joined that. We'll discuss it later.

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