September 8, 2010


Montreal was a blast! The vacation was over way too soon. There was biking and cupcakes and cake and so much good food. Absolutely nothing and I mean, not one food item was a miss. Terrific, just terrific! The company wasn't bad either:Just kidding!

Sean and I both had a fantastic time. Food adventures included stapes such as Smoke Meat Pete and Lafleurs and poutine at (new to us) La Banquise. We even hit up a cupcake shop, Cocoa Locale with really high expectations and it matched (almost) every one of them. Also had room service our first night in town (good stuff!) and had our first taste of wild boar prosciutto at Bottega. Hmmm..what else am I missing? Ah yes, Sunday morning mimosas at Holder Restaurant and I cannot forget Sean's soft-boiled eggs with truffle tapenade at the same restaurant. To.die.for. We even had the courage to (finally) try Ethiopian food and the experience was all together fantastic. The taste of the injera was not as horrifying as others (on the internet) were making it out to be and our chosen dishes were great; the alcohol beverages we chose as accompaniments weren't bad either ;)

Did I forget anything? Oh wait, there was a squirrel that attacked me in Parc La Fontaine. But I'll get to that and all of the above in detail in the following days. Good food like this deserves its own post.

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Diana said...

Yeah, please do write a Montreal food post! Sounds amazing--I've always wanted to try poutine.