August 28, 2010


I planted my basil cutting today. It's currently hot as F out today and I'm not a happy camper but being practically home alone (my parents are at a soccer tournament, bro is at work and Sean is at a friend's wedding that I wasn't invited to :| ), I thought it would be a good day to get down and dirty with the dirt. Mind you, I'm not really a fan of dirt and all that jazz. The idea of discovering a worm kind of wigs me out.

But I braved the outdoors elements and planted my Loblaws basil cutting:I actually just used some all-purpose soil from a bag I found outside in the makeshift garden center. Our backyard is still a huge mess. I keep meaning to post photos of the "construction" going out outdoors but keep forgetting. It's a miracle I even remembered to replant the basil frankly. Too much has been going on this month but I'm hoping September settles down.

Anyway, back to the basil. Here's the root system:
And the entire cutting:And here it is in the pot:
I'm very proud of my basil plant. I don't know the exact variety but it is different than the one I purchased from Longo's. Speaking of which, check one that one:It's totally thriving now! It still has the white fly issue but I think that's because I was ignoring it for a while and it was totally dying. I mean, COMPLETELY dying. Its leaves were wilting and I didn't think I was going to be able to revive it, but I stuck it outside and watered it like crazy and after 24 hours it bounced back. See, what I mean? I'm good with plants outdoors but indoors, not so much. So for the past few days the Longo's basil has lived outdoors and the same fate will fall upon my Loblaws basil. After all this hard work, I don't want to replant it only to have it die.

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