August 24, 2010


Here's a really random food recap because I'm missing a lot of meals. Like I mentioned on my previous post, I've missed out on a lot of morning photo ops due to Baking Life--oops!

Lunch was a mild Italian sausage with navy beans and cucumber sticks:along with mangoes, peaches, strawberries and golden kiwi for fruit:Sean picked me up after work and we headed off to the mall. We were at the mall for a while because when we got out everything was closed, including the diner where Sean wanted to grab a burger so instead we decided to make our own burgers:I also wanted some chicken wings so Sean kindly obliged and cooked those on the grill for me as well :)
Lunch was a leftover burger that Sean and I had made together on Tuesday night (I had a whole slew of food to eat between then):and fruit included blackberries from the garden and mango:Dinner was leftovers from Sean's birthday dinner the night before. His parents took us out to Mevame and I had the two lamb skewers with garlic mashed potatoes:
Lunch inspired by Freshii:And it didn't cost me $7.99 plus tax. When in Toronto with time to kill and a meal to eat for, I typically head to Freshii when at the Eaton's Centre where I order a Bliss Bowl. It contains brown rice, roasted red peppers, mushrooms, double avocado, diced tomatoes, goat cheese and your choice of dressing (typically extra virgin olive oil and aged balsamic vinegar). My Bliss Bowl contained brown rice, avocado, corn, portabella mushrooms, goat cheese and three types of heirloom tomatoes...these ones actually:It was a totally filling lunch and definitely hit the spot. I love the items offered at Freshii (customizable also) but do not love the $8 price tag.
So apparently all I've got from the 11th is an iPhone photo of my breakfast. It's better than nothing, right? This breakfast is actually organic vanilla yogurt with organic instant oats on top along with chia seeds and a bunch of fruit: I wanted a little bit of variation from my usual hot oatmeal and this did the trick. The only problem is that I over estimated how much I'd be able to eat during my morning break. Oops.
Dinner on Friday was a sandwich but not just any was a delicious prosciutto sandwich on baguette bread:Baguette + prosciutto + goat cheese + fresh basil = HOLY CRAP YUM!
I'm not gonna lie...sandwiches on baguette bread totally remind me of the summer I spent with Jessie in Europe. We stayed in Geneva, Switzerland for two weeks, then spent one week in Paris and then another week in Geneva before heading back home. It was the summer before our last year of high school and it was glorious. We were a couple of gals spending our summer touring Europe and the best part about Paris were the ham and cheese baguettes we would pick up for $3. I will never forget those sandwiches. Or the fact that I gorged myself on cheese and all kinds of dairy while there and then came home and became lactose-intolerant. Does North American cheese really suck that much? (Note: I am lactose-intolerant but my tolerance level varies with different types of dairy. I can do ice cream, organic milk and hard cheeses but things like cream, sour cream, thick yogurts and soft cheese like goat brie set me off in large amounts.)
Who has dinner at IKEA? Well Sean and I. Actually, we almost didn't. Sean arrived at my house Thursday night and after I told him about the Swedish meatball deal at IKEA Monday-Thursday ($2.99 for their regular 15 meatballs and mashed potatoes deal), he insisted we go. So off we went and as soon as we approached the Market Hall (more like the IKEA cafeteria), it was madness! There were two huge lineups and I suggested that we walk around a bit so that the lines die down. Sean agreed and we spent a good amount of time oogling our future kitchen (the word "dude" was repeated back and forth in one conversation far too many times for a convo in the years 2010). But then I caught sight of the Market Hall hours and realized we had 12 minutes to get there before it closed. Panic spread across Sean's face and inside my head as I knew Sean would have been really crushed if he missed out on the meatballs. We made the longest mad dash to the Market Hall possible--why is it impossible to find your way around IKEA's showroom?--but made it to the back of the line just in time. And it was still busy. And we were the third to last group of people in line. Yep, that's right, I spotted the woman standing by the closed sign just two people after us. Whew, we made it in time. I didn't even want to think of what would have happened should we have missed the line. But we made it and then waited 20 minutes before we could order our food. They were out of mashed potatoes so we subbed with veggies. Sean got some kind of smoothie and I got a ligonberry drink. Here's my complete meal:
It doesn't look like much but I couldn't finish it all. Sean had to finish off about three meatballs and in hindsight I told Sean that I should have let him finish off some more. The veggies weren't really anything to write home about but it was a healthier choice than the french fries.
Hung out with Sean in the evening. I can't really remember what we did but I wanted a sandwich for dinner. We ended up at Longo's so I could make my dinner at his place instead. I picked up a bunch of stuff from the hot/salad bar including roast veggies, bocconcini cheese balls, prosciutto and a ciabatta baguette. Also picked up some lacklustre grapes and some more Ontario peaches. They are so good this summer...mmm. Here's the dinner I put together:My sandwich contained the cheese, roast zucchini and yellow pepper along with a couple slices of prosciutto. Fruit included cantaloupe, grapes and a peach.

Sean's dinner:A bunch of concord grapes, gooseberry jam from IKEA, a Knackerbrod Rag rye cracker from IKEA with cod roe spread on top (doesn't it look delicious :| ), a strip of sesame teriyaki steak from the Longo's hot bar, bocconcini cheese and a bowl of this:
Organic plain yogurt with rye crispies (rye bread baked with brown sugar, I think), red currants and gooseberry jam. Our separate dinners always entertain me.
I spent the day at the CNE with my parents and had a jolly good time. We spent more time there this year than the last but didn't get to do two things that we do every year: see the Superdogs and visit the Barnyard building. I missed seeing the cows and pregnant sow. It's probably just as well since seeing her makes me a little depressed. Back to the food! I decided to take the safe route this year and stuck to fish and chips for lunch. My parents had their usual roti at Island Foods, which had the longest line I've ever seen since I've been visiting the CNE. They do have the best roti there and the line just keeps getting longer every year. I ate half my fish and chips and brought the rest home. Other eats included peaches, Ruffles less-sodium chips, an ice cream waffle that I split with my parents and then we opted to head to Mevame for dinner, where we waited 45 minutes before actually being seated. It wasn't until a little after 8:30 until we were seated but funny enough, neither one of us were all that hungry. My mom and I ordered our usual two lamb skewers, mine with rice and hers with fries. My dad ordered the lamb chops with rice. No photos because I've reviewed Mevame at least three times now. The service was impeccable though. I can't remember the name of the waitress we had but the five guys seated beside us remarked that she looked like Anne Hathaway and she kind of did.
Sundays are great because they're lazy. When I was at the post office I used to work every Sunday. I didn't really mind since it wasn't busy on a Sunday and I could get all or most of my paperwork done. Now that I have my Sundays off, I know I should be using them for more productive things like getting my work pants hemmed but most the time, I spend them chillin' in front of my laptop. This Sunday was no exception.

Lunch was mom's stir-fried vermicelli:All kinds of veggies are in the mix. Excuse the iPhone photos for Sunday as well...I couldn't find my camera. Just as lazy at this Saturday started though, I got to doing stuff! My parents and I headed out to IKEA on a whim. I had a prosciutto sandwich in the car:Once back at home and $50 poorer (how did I get suckered into buying a more expensive CD shelf? Aren't parents supposed to help you save money?), I made myself an afternoon snack:
Vanilla earl grey tea and three small slices of raisin bread. Yep, that's the same raisin bread from Longo's that I featured a while back. That same $5 loaf of bread. I couldn't get it out of my mind after I had finished it and subsequent trips to Longo's failed me because they were constantly out of stock. Who else is rich enough to afford a $5 loaf of bread? Well apparently lots of people but eventually it was my lucky day. Promptly after taking that photo I decided to indulge even further (can I change my middle name to Indulge already?) and added Nutella to one piece of bread and PB & Co.'s Dark Chocolate Dreams (chocolate PB) to the other two. It's a toss-up as to which I like best:===
Lunch was leftovers from Mevame along with some stir-fried watercress from dinner the night before:along with a lot of mango:Notice the blue at the bottom right of the container? Well that would be a smaller lid inside my container. I was putting this together the night before and was completely obviously to the fact that I was dumping my mango in a container that contained a lid. I should have realized something was up when I couldn't fit all of my mango inside but I figured it was due to the fact that it was an apple mango and not the smaller altufo mangoes.

Anyway, that's enough food recapping for one post. Whew! More to come.

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