March 31, 2011


Just a couple weeks ago, my purse contained:
  1. Practically empty bottle of water
  2. Makeup case
  3. Anna Sui mascara
  4. Tylenol Extra Strength
  5. Mail polish (from the Beiber collection--oi vey!)
  6. Pouch full of essentials (meds, lip balm, subway tokens (??), glasses cleaner, tea bags, Tide Pen, etc)
  7. Hand cream
  8. Apple
  9. Loose foundation
  10. Receipt
  11. Hand balm
  12. Pen
  13. Banana
  14. Coin purse
  15. Prescription meds
  16. Wallet
  17. Starbucks coupons (that didn't work at the Starbucks I went to, WTF?!)
  18. Face primer
  19. Dark chocolate with bergamot (best $5 I ever spent)
  20. Lip gloss
  21. Microwaveable popcorn
  22. Face cream
  23. iPhone
  24. Pack of tissues


RudePrincess said...

What?!?! And I thought my purse was too big and that I had a problem! Sheesh. That's amazing and scary at the same time. I have a lot of papers and receipts and coupons though all strewn about in my purse. It's really not good. I like that 'wallet' was listed way down at number 16. Obviously not all that important!

Dominique said...

I know! Isn't it insane?! I listed everything in a rows going horizontally so wallet was #16 because of its positioning. I just dumped everything onto my dresser and that's what happened.

Usually I don't carry that much stuff but I don't know what happened that time. Like why do I have a banana, apple and microwaveable popcorn??

Jen @ keepitsimplefoods said...

Wow! That's quite a load. Microwavable popcorn??? Really?? ;)

Dominique said...

At least it's only the mini snack bag of popcorn and not the regular size. Otherwise, I really don't know how I'd rationalize that one.