March 28, 2011


This is what I've been up to...

Sean and I went to a Toronto Raptors game a couple weeks back. It was my first ever basketball game and I had so much fun! We got tickets from a family friend and boy am I glad we did because we're poor and would never have been able to afford those awesome seats! I could even see everything on the court because there were two much shorter kids in front of me. Score! Or "winning" as some people are now saying. Oh, but the best part of the game, is this:Despite the fact that I don't look crazy excited, I've been wanting a foam finger for just about forever! I picked one up after the game. It was pretty fun poking Sean in the nose, in the cheek, in the bum...just about everywhere possible--until he got mad and threatened to take it away :(

I fell asleep twice while attempting to watch this:You're right if you guessed The NeverEnding Story. Unfortunately I started coming down with a cold during the first attempt and the cold was in full force during the second attempt. Sean decided to go ahead and watch the rest of the movie during our second attempt. He realized another attempt with me was futile. (I told Sean that we are totally naming our cream Chow Chow Falcor. He said we could only if I watched the movie without falling asleep.)

Little known fact: I bake when I'm stressed out. This past week has been really stressful so not only did I bake Oatmeal Chocolate Chip Cookie Muffins from How Sweet It is, I also baked Torie's Cherry Chocolate-Chunk cookies from Martha's website. They both turned out fab:It was a relaxing afternoon baking muffins and cookies. And because I was then stress-free (sort of), I decided to eat two muffins and four (or so) cookies. I lost count after the fourth one.

Tylenol Cold is my best friend. I'm pretty sure I blogged about this a year or so ago but really, this is my one go-to when I have a cold. I tried the Echinacea tea and the whole "feed a cold" thing but it didn't work. Absolutely nothing worked until I popped the magic, blue nighttime pill and then another yellow daytime pill in the morning. I don't even get colds that often--I usually contract them from co-workers--but nothing works like Tylenol Cold. Tylenol should make me their spokesperson.

Dinner earlier tonight was roast organic chicken leg with spicy green beans and white rice. My stomach didn't like something about it and decided to expel it. After my stomach settled itself, I decided to make Spaghetti with Lemon and Olive Oil--but with fettuccine. It wasn't pretty but it sure was tasty:
I don't know if I ever mentioned that Sean and I went to Corey and Bree's house to make caramel apples back in October, a couple weeks before Halloween. This is Sean attempting to eat his caramel apple and it makes me smile:
This is me when I was oh....two and a half, I think? My parents loved to dress me up in pink and red. Like LOVED! I think their morning conversations were like this (but in French): Mom: What should we dress Dominique in today? Dad: Pink dress and red tights? Mom: What about red dress and pink tights? Dad: Nah, we did that yesterday. Mom: Oh yeah, let's switch it up today.
They'll still tell you that pink and red are a match made in heaven.

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RudePrincess said...

Pink and red ARE a match made in heaven. I'm not sure when it was exactly, maybe five years ago now, but the combo made a roaring comeback. Since I love those bright colours, I was all too aware of the trend. I only have one shirt though I think that contains both the colours.

I have a foam finger! Mine just says #1 on the back though. It's red and not really assocated with any one team. I am totally going to bring it to the Rock game tomorrow. So excited!

Sean eating caramel apples makes me laugh.

I started chronicling all my new foods and recipes that I've been making into an album on facebook. At least all the ones that I remember to take photos of. I forgot to take a photo of my totally full of fat macaroni and cheese from Monday though. Last night I made some lemon chicken (the healthy kind, a la Ina) and some herb and garlic cream cheese smashed potatoes. They didn't look that great, but tasted pretty fab. Will have to put those up soon. I need photographic evidence of how things actually turn out. I've also been taking notes in my foodie journal about all the recipes. I clearly need a job.