November 11, 2011


I moved two weeks ago and we* still don't have the internet. As a result, my blog posts have been rather sporadic. Ah, who am I kidding? I gave up on this things ages ago--just kidding!

I will be back to semi-regular posting once we have regular access to the internet and I can post to my heart's content. There have been quite a few changes though, ones that I will definitely share upon my return next week. One thing that hasn't changed? My migraines. They're back with a vengeance. Boo.

See you all soon!

*I'm referring to my boyfriend, Sean, and I. After 10 years together, we finally thought it would be a good time to start living together, in a lovely condo near the city.

June 28, 2011


I've known her since grade 5. She became my best friend and partner-in-crime when it came to big summer music festivals. We grew apart in the latter years of high school and university, but Facebook brought us back together. We became baking buddies, later allowing Sean to join our baking club. I can't believe I've known her since I was 10.
I wanted to make something super fantastic for Jessie's birthday. I thought about cupcakes but then remembered a cake I had seen online a few weeks ago. Immediately I knew it would be epic enough for Jessie's golden (or champagne) birthday. I debated whether I should turn the cake into cupcakes since a) they're easier to transport and make (in theory anyway). The cake itself would be a surprise since Jessie had no idea I was baking for her birthday. Here's the unveiling:

My favourite layer and therefore my favourite layer, green:And here's the inside of the rainbow cake:Happy birthday Jessie. I hope your golden (or champagne) birthday is your best ever!

PS: I hope you liked your rainbow cake; the only rainbow cake I will ever make. I wouldn't even make another one for Sean--unless he asked REALLY nicely.

May 28, 2011


I got me a new toy and it's pretty darn fantastic. If you follow me on Twitter you'll know that my enthusiasm for my new toy started a couple of weeks ago. I had a random photo shoot to do and it was the perfect opportunity for me to use my dad's Nikon D7000. I had a week to figure it all out (the manual is thick and thorough) and when the day came, I was a little nervous. Everything turned out great though--especially this random shot of Sean. If you enlarge this photo you'll see the little fibers along the edges of his sweater. It was a complete out-of-the-blue shot and is probably one of my faves using the D7000. It's incredible, absolutely incredible and I never thought I'd say that about a digital SLR.

I've always been a hardcore fan of film photography, even being reluctant to switch to digital during my last couple of years of photography study, but this camera has me thinking otherwise. Since then I've taken a bunch of random photos and the best part? My dad hasn't asked for his camera back. SCORE!

May 21, 2011


It took me a while to settle on my third brownie recipe. I wasn't content to "give it a go" with just any brownie recipe so I let Google do the work for me. I wanted a brownie that reminded me of my childhood. I wanted a brownie that tasted like the one you make from a box; with that perfect crusty top (and edges) but chewy and fudgy in the center and dotted with walnuts. After an hour or two of deliberation, I finally decided to give Brown Eyed Baker a chance. Titled "Chewy Brownies" with a recipe from Cook's Illustrated (the publication of America's Test Kitchen), how could I go wrong?

I immediately dove into brownie-making mode. I started with the chocolate and was then halfway through step #2 when I realized we only had three eggs in the house when the recipe called for four (two whole eggs and two yolks). With only three eggs, what was I to do? I wasn't about to go and ask the neighbours (I haven't spoken to one side in oh, a decade and the other side I've never spoken to since they moved in). It's not that I'm not friendly, I'm just usually rushing to work or rushing into the house when I see them. I decided to hope for the best and go ahead with my version using two whole eggs and one egg yolk. I was a little bit apprehensive; was this going to ruin the chewy, "from a box-mix" texture I had been searching for?

I motored along and after 30 minutes, my brownies were done. A toothpick had yielded moist crumbs and now it was time to wait. Hmph. Time to wait? I wanted my chewy brownies now!

I think eating 5 squares in a day is proof enough that they're amazing. Still not convinced? Check out this photo:A crusty, crackled top reveals the most chewiest, fudgiest, walnut-filled brownies I have had since the box mix kind. I suggest cutting the 9x13" rectangle into 24 squares so you can ration your brownies but since I had five the first day, these brownies aren't going to last very long.The addition of chopped walnuts was a superb addition on my part. It's fudgy and chewy and crunchy when you get a bite of those nuts. I'll leave you with this one photo and if that doesn't convince you to make these brownies, you must be blind.

May 9, 2011


I've been craving brownies for weeks now. Chocolatey, chewy, gooey brownies. About a week ago I made Coconut Swirl Brownies courtesy of Martha, but they were more cakey than chewy and despite being a hardcore fan of anything-coconut, I just wasn't feeling it. The chewy chocolate brownie craving had not been fulfilled and so this evening, I tried my hand at Martha's Double Chocolate Brownies. Her headnote made promises of fudgy brownies on the basis that so many other people had raved about them. I followed the recipe to a tee and patiently waited for the brownies to bake. (I ate a Fuji apple with almond butter to bide my time.)After 25 minutes my brownies were done. In fact, despite the 35 minutes suggested in Martha's Cookies book, I thought my brownies were overdone; a toothpick came out totally clean--not a good sign for a fudgy brownie. I waited the 15 minutes before I took them out of the pan and then another 30 minutes before I cut them into squares. Okay so it was really more like five minutes but didn't I tell you I'd been craving brownies for three weeks?!

The result? Not a fudgy brownie. My brownies were overdone :( They were more cakey than fudgy and I still have not conquered my brownie craving. Don't get me wrong, they taste great--especially with the addition of chopped walnuts--but they're just not chewy. (I didn't include the recipe in the above link because the recipe on the website and the recipe in the Cookies book differ in quantities and ingredients.)

I want a brownie that reminds me of those infamous Two-Bite Brownies. I want a brownie that results in a texture reminiscent of the ones you make from a box--except I want to bake them from scratch.

Is a recipe for the ultimate chewy brownie really that hard to come by nowadays? In order to make my brownies more palatable, I ate it with a couple of small scoops of honey lavender ice cream and extra chopped walnuts. I don't know what it is about lavender, but I just can't get enough--even when it's scooped on top of a brownie square.Even though the combination of chocolate, lavender and honey sounded a little weird in my head, I'll tell you this: it was incredible. Plate-licking good in fact but you'd really have to like lavender in order to do that. I stopped myself just a little short to show you to devoured evidence:
And I'll end with that, continuing my search for the ultimate chewy brownie recipe. I'll see if Google can help me out on this one.